LSA Motion Website

Leading Swiss Agencies unites the leading communications agencies in Switzerland in one association. This makes us a seal of quality for clients. LSA was looking to attract young audiences to communication professions, such as graphic design, advertising, and marketing. They wanted to create a unique and playful website to present their campaign that would reflect the creative nature of these fields and encourage young people to explore career opportunities in the industry.

My work started with brainstorming and sketching out ideas on paper to best showcase the bold and playful illustrations delivered by Wirz. Then I moved on to creating wireframes in Figma, which allowed me to visualize the overall structure and layout of the website. Once the wireframes were finalized, I started working on the visual design of the website.

Once the final design was approved, I started animating the prototype of the website in After Effects. The illustrations were also animated in After Effects. Thanks to Airbnb’s AE plugin, Bodymovin, I was able to turn the animations into code. The .json file from Lottie was later given to developers, to create a more interactive experience for users, instead of having looping animations running non-stop. These interactive elements are crucial to engage and captivate young audiences.

The final website effectively conveyed the creative nature of communication agencies and encouraged them to explore career opportunities in the industry.

  • COMPANY: at Maxomedia AG for Leading Swiss Agencies
  • RELEASE DATE: March 2022
  • TAGS: Figma, 2D Animation, Adobe After Effects, Lottie JS, Blender 3D, 3D Modeling
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