Real Estate 3D

Since 2018, I've actively contributed to numerous real estate projects, assuming various roles ranging from branding to user-friendly UI design. However, the aspect of my work that has consistently brought me the most satisfaction is the creation of interactive 3D models. In the realm of real estate, spatial information holds immense value, making 3D models the optimal medium to convey the nuances of properties available for rent or purchase.

Given the diverse nature of each project, I've employed a range of programs, adapting to the unique requirements of each endeavor. While I've utilized tools like Fusion360 and Cinema 4D in the past, my current tool of choice is Blender, allowing me to seamlessly bring spatial information to life in a visually compelling manner.

Here are some of the most notable projects I've worked on:

  • Schönburg - Bern
  • Brückenkopf-Lofts - Bern
  • Leuengarten - Uitikon
  • Verdiana - Witikon
  • The Jay - Adliswil
  • Horgen Oberdorf
  • RhyTower - Neuhausen
  • RhyGarten - Neuhausen
  • Gupfengarten - Niederweningen
  • Bodenmattpark - Schmitten
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    • COMPANY: at admire GmbH for Red Real Estate AG
    • RELEASE DATE: November 2019
    • TAGS: 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Blender 3D, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Illustrator