Interactive 3D Catalog for Hexagon

What if you could quickly and easily navigate through a catalog of products with stunningly detailed 3D product animations? That's exactly what we've created in partnership with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

My main challenge was reducing the complexity of the 3D models to improve website speed, without decreasing the quality of their appearance. Although in the previous iterations, there was an attempt at creating a workflow to optimize the preparation of the 3D assets, I was able to deliver a process to prepare the files for browser rendering. The result is detailed, fast-loading 3D models that integrate seamlessly with existing data and help users find the right products with ease.

Once the objects were addressed, my focus shift into the set-up of hotspots and camera location to allow natural movements when jumping between the airplane components.

Micro-animations, textures, and lighting shaders were added to create an emotional connection and enhance the user experience. By presenting accurate and natural-looking 3D animations of Hexagons products and services, customers can easily discover and better understand which solutions meet their needs. This also reduces the need for personal support and increases the chances of generating more sales in the future.

  • CLIENT: at Ginetta for Hexagon
  • RELEASE DATE: September 2022
  • TAGS: 3D Browser Experience, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Blender 3D, Maya, Cinema4D, Three.JS

Polygon reduction before and after. Airplane engine CAD model received on the left and the version I remodeled on the right. This also reduced the file size from 130MB to 900KB.