Interview Training Tool

I've always been fascinated by hackathons, and when I discovered the first female-led hackathon in Switzerland, I eagerly enrolled without hesitation. This immersive experience proved to be a catalyst for my growth as a designer while providing an opportunity to collaborate with talented women across diverse fields.

For the duration of the event, I seamlessly integrated into a team of developers, establishing an instant connection. Through a harmonious fusion of their visionary insights and our collective skills, we successfully delivered a functional product, securing the second-place position.

Our mission centered around aiding young individuals in preparing for online job interviews, recognizing the contemporary shift in interview dynamics. Leveraging a comprehensive database of questions, we enabled users to translate real-life experiences into essential job skills, facilitating practice interviews.

In my role, I crafted a distinctive team logo, developed a clickable prototype using Figma, and orchestrated a compelling pitch video for the jury. Working closely with the development team, I actively contributed to the realization of our tool. Valuable feedback from my colleagues enhanced the prototype, and they skillfully implemented the tool using Ruby on Rails, employing AWS S3 for video storage and Heroku for deployment.

Check out the press release. If you scroll down long enough, you’ll see my big smile on stage together with my teammates and the other winning teams.

  • RELEASE DATE: November 2021
  • TAGS: Figma, Adobe Premiere Pro, Blender 3D
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